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oathplus is a fork of oathtool that is built for Mac OSX and has all the oathtool features plus a few more for convenience:

Download one-time password info from a QR code (PNG file)

If you have the URL to a QR code in PNG format, simply pass that to oathplus to setup and save an OTP account.

oathplus https://example.com/path/to/qr/code.png

Setup a one-time password from a QR code (PNG file) on your computer

Maybe you've screenshot the password QR code and saved to a PNG. Good enough, simply pass that into oathplus and it will setup the OTP account.

oathplus /path/to/downloaded/qr.png

Setup a one-time password from an otpauth URI

oathplus understands the Google Authenticator Key Uri Format (otpauth://...).

So if you don't have a QR image with an otpauth URI embedded in it like the above examples, you can simply pass in the URI itself, and oathplus will setup the OTP account for you.

oathplus "otpauth://hotp/MYUSERNAME?secret=4W7O6TZGEZKN5PUY&issuer=&counter=3"

Store and retrieve one-time password accounts

Really, oathplus is like Google Authenticator for your command-line. After you setup your OTP account through one of the methods above, you can retrieve the current OTP by specifying the account.

You can see what accounts you have with the --list-accounts option

oathplus --list-accounts


Then you can get the current OTP by doing

oathplus --account MY-GITHUB


Perfectly pipable

You can easily get your OTP out of oathplus and into your application using standard pipes.

oathplus --account MY-GITHUB | pbcopy

Convenient for scripts and whatnot.

Honors all the oathtool functionality

Everything that oathtool can do is here too, unchanged. The oathtool options work exactly as you'd expect. So if you have more custom needs oathplus still has you covered.

Download and install

Download oathplus.zip. SHA1: 6275590b8783d15e323c868ab1653467744d0317

Unzip the archive. It will contain oathplus and dependent libraries. Copy it wherever makes sense to you. Run it from a terminal.

For bug reports, comments, or questions, please use the oathplus mailing group.